It's about what the Lord has done for us!

It is NOT about what we have done for the Lord, it's about what the Lord has done for us!
The very people who are refused entrance, are the ones who point to their WORKS, as evidence they are worthy!

WHAT in heavens name will any of us have, in your words, to SHOW THAT WE ARE WORTHY! Answer, a bunch of filthy rags of our "supposed righteousness". What did the Lord say he will be looking for when He comes again? Answer: "will the Lord find FAITH"

Right believing (faith) produces right living (fruit), which comes naturally because of a LOVE relationship between a grateful/thankful, recipient (believer) of "THE FREE GIFT" (without works) of Salvation (righteousness), and the WONDERFUL, GRACIOUS GIVER of that FREE, FREE, FREE GIFT..JESUS! Any thing else is DEAD works, DEAD religion! Stop asking WHAT people are doing for the Lord, and rather ask people, what has the Lord done for them!

To point people in any other direction is to do them a great disservice and start then down a futile path of "works salvation" the religion of Cain. Works of faith have great recompense of "reward" put has NOTHING to do with us RECEIVING the FREE GIFT of salvation (faith) the Lord gives to those whom the Father has chosen!